The only Bodega in Jerez whose entrance fee includes an equestrian show with the guided tour. The horse show is on Wednesday and Friday, all year round.

During the months of January, March, April, May, June, September, October and November also on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Equestrian shows are also available with different durations from 15 to 40 minutes at reasonable prices, for guided tours, conferences, weddings, etc. Consult prices and conditions.


12 pm. Pre-book (+34 677 452 256)


The history of our company has been joined since its foundation in 1877 to another of the exponents of the Andalusian culture: The Pure Spanish Breed Horse.
The outdoor horse complex of 12,000 m 2  houses the horse stables, saddles and harnesses, a large exhibition area with seating capacity for 400, and completed by a circular horse riding area.a circular horse-riding area.
Inside our Bodega, only a few meters away from our Gran Duque De Alba hall, is the only indoor horse arena in a Jerez Bodega, with ample room to enjoy our various horse shows.



An English carriage of the nineteenth century. Acquired by Williams & Humbert in the year
1925 by the famous restorer D. Enrique García.

It is composed of ‘Pescante para Mayoral and Lacayo’, the carriage has a capacity of four
people, and two coachmen. Built entirely of the finest wood.

It can be hooked to “cuarta” or “media potencia” (4 and 5 horses respectively), “quinta a la
larga” and even “de fantasía” (from 7 to 11 horses).

All its parts are in perfect working order.

This carriage is of great beauty, simplicity with a distinctive character.

It represents the classic image of Williams & Humbert and Jerez. It is used in carriage contests
and other special events such as fairs, exhibitions, for use with distinguished guests and
visitors, etc, and is run by the Public Relations Department, who has responsibility for its use.


A very robust and strong carriage, specially designed for daily horse training in our stables. It is
a ‘taylor made’ by the world famous Jerezano coach makers ‘Talleres Simon’ in 1969.

It is composed of ‘Pescante para Mayoral and Lacayo’, the carriage has a capacity of four
people. For more strength, there are more pieces of iron in its construction, combining with
the use of wood.

The same as with the Peter, it can be hooked to “cuarta” or “media potencia” (4 and 5 horses
respectively), “quinta a la larga” and even “de fantasía” (from 7 to 11 horses).


Highlighted by the floor which was built entirely by right-angled pieces of the same wood used
in the construction of the barrels used for ageing our best Sherries: American oak.

It contains:

· Exposition of Antique ‘mouth’ pieces
· Collection of horse carriage paintings by the famous painter Paco Toro from Jerez.
· Display of some of the trophies won by our horsemen in competitions and exhibitions:

2º prize enganche a la ½ potencia (Fuengirola 1976)
1º prize de Mayoral (Málaga 1977)
1º prize enganche a la ½ potencia (Fuengirola 1977)
1º prize enganche ½ potencia (Paterna del Campo 1980)
1º prize Mayoral (Málaga 1985)
1º prize enganche ½ potencia of Jerez (1999)…etc.

· Display, in a wooden and glass cabinet, of some horseman’s and assistant’s horseman’s suits
and some different harnesses.

The English harness: Harness for four horses. Entirely finished in black patent leather and used
for many years in solemn ceremonies, though rarely used today. Made by the famous harness
maker Francisco Duarte in the middle of the 20th century.

The Andalusian harness: Typical harness used in Andalusia and the one in most common use
today. There are three different decorations with different tassels: yellow and green, blue and
a third with yellow and red colours. Used for six horses. These vibrant colours compliment the
atmosphere at the local horse fair (Feria del Caballo) of Jerez and others.